Established in 1978, CSI is the leading vertically integrated provider of medical health solutions and health system kiosks. CSI has a reputation for unparalleled systems integrations and configuration of healthcare delivery solutions requiring secure bi-directional data exchange and interoperability. CSI Health Systems operate as virtual worksite, retail, provider, and community based clinics, designed for attended or unattended use by patients for self-assessment, healthcare, and education derived from biometric values through an advanced technology HL7 server side management platform.

CSI holds the Patent for Telehealth/Telemedicine for the delivery of Biometric testing and health information through the Internet to a Cloud or Platform using a HIPAA-approved HL7 server-side management platform.

CSI also holds the Patent for a fully-enclosed 100% private Health System that meets all ADA and HIPAA requirements. CSI holds three additional Patents with seven Patents Pending covering all phases of community health and wellness.

With the advent of The Affordable Care Act (ACA), our society has switched from a “disease management” society to a “health and wellness” society, which has been CSI’s mission for the past 35 years; and CSI provides the tools for individuals to manage and maintain their health and wellness.