SINCE 1978 CSI HAS BEEN TRUSTED by over 5,000 corporations, medical facilities, and retail locations to provide over One Billion health screenings! CSI pioneered the use of the Electronic Medical Record and Telemedicine, and in 1996 CSI was the first company to move health information from a Kiosk through the Internet to The Cloud.

CSI provides the only complete Health System Kiosks, Counter Top, and Portable Health Systems in the world offering Telemedicine, PHR/EMR set up and management, eligibility checking, billing, and physician consulting, resulting in industry-leading advancements in accessibility, reliability, security, and durability.

CSI Health Systems combine both clinical and I.T. expertise to develop innovative solutions with software architecture based on secure Internet connections between our Health Systems and web applications, which provide content, data storage, and User Interface.

CSI Health Systems can also host content from any web site … even the User Interface can be completely customized to match your existing applications and environment. A JavaScript API allows web developers to directly access all of the biometric and diagnostic hardware to create any user experience desired, all from applications created and managed by your I.T. staff, and running on your organization’s in-house web servers.


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