10 Tips for Encouraging Health Engagement

It takes top-down initiative and commitment to guarantee successful population health management. Here are 10 leadership keys for building and sustaining a culture of health.

1. Ensure health is part of your core business strategy
Express your company’s passion and direction for health and productivity in your mission, vision and goal statements.

2. Plan for a healthier population
Develop a strategic plan that includes input from C-suite leadership, managers and all eligible individuals — employees and family members.

3. Tap natural leaders within your company for inspiration
Enlist health champions that represent all the divisions and worksites where your company has a presence.

4. Demonstrate commitment
Put corporate leadership front and center in communications about the program. Use all the tools in the arsenal: videos to employees, all-employee correspondence, group meetings, blogs. Then be first in line for a biometric screening.

5. Build the brand and broadcast the success
Create a brand strategy for health in your organization and broadcast promotions repeatedly; communicate results via newsletter, intranet, corporate social media and outlets that make sense for your population, keeping health front and center.

6. Provide the resources for improved health
Offer health risk assessments and screenings so employees and family members know their current health status, as well as interventions for health improvement and condition management. Ensure all of your suppliers/partners and internal departments connected to health are at the table in planning and delivery. Include fun, too!

7. Improve health in your environment
Provide healthy vending and cafeteria options. Map out walking/running trails and make sure they are safe. Bring fitness equipment on-site for maximum employee access. Organize a monthly farmers market or a fruit and vegetable co-op at the worksite.

8. Offer integrated health and business-related incentives
Consider the requirements, size and delivery mechanisms that make sense for your population to enhance participation and engagement. Include input from your workforce and stakeholders in the incentive strategy planning process. Keep it simple!

9. Reinforce the feedback loop
Create a standing health and productivity committee, with participation from employees at every level — executive, management and front-line workers.

10. Measure the success
Utilize a scorecard approach to engage leaders in achievements — start with participation and move to outcomes. Include testimonials and stories that will be remembered and shared.