Established in 1978

CSI was the FIRST company to develop a Medical Kiosk for Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Fitness Testing to the public.

CSI was also the FIRST company to develop Personal Health Records (PHRs)/Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), the FIRST company to develop a HIPAA and ADA-compliant Health System Kiosk, and the FIRST company to offer Telehealth / Telemedicine (in 1996) on its Health System Kiosks.

CSI is the leader in providing industry-leading products and services that address the rising cost of health care, and our complete line of Health Systems offers unparalleled health care solutions for all segments of the health care market.

CSI hold four Patents (with seven Patents pending) for its Health System Kiosks, including a Patent for the revolutionary automated non-invasive methodology for taking blood pressure with unparalleled accuracy, the ADA wheelchair accessible seat with seated weight measurement, and the Patent for Telehealth / Telemedicine, which is the most important Patent for health services today!



– RoHS Compliant (lead free)
– ANSI/AAMI SP10 Accuracy Validated
– Certified ISO 13485—Medical Device
– ISO 10993 Compliant
– HIPAA and ADA Compliant
– CS MDD 93/42/EEC
– BS EN 1041
– BS EN 980
– VA/GSA Contractor

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