Established in 1978, Computerized Screening, Inc. (CSI) is the leading vertically integrated provider of medical health solutions kiosks. It has been our mission to reverse health care costs, manage disease data, create, manage, and maintain cost effective and universally accessible Managed Health Systems where individuals work, shop, and receive medical services so they can better control their health.

CSI was an early pioneer of the Personal Health Record (PHR) and has evolved to provide industry-leading strategies, services and products that address the rising cost of health care. Our build-to-suite philosophy and Virtual eClinic Health Systems makes for a rare partnership in the health industry. We strive only to manufacture medical devices and design programs that tailor to specific objectives or purposes, derived from claims cost concern, and integrated with clinical service offerings and defined benefits at the system level.

CSI has earned its reputation for unparalleled systems integration and configuration of solutions requiring bi-directional data exchange, privacy and interoperability. CSI’s medical kiosks operate as unattended worksite clinics for self assessment and education derived from member biometric values acquired through advanced technology.

Powerful CSI technology offers a HIPAA-compliant (HL7) server side management platform that enables users to establish a Personal Health Record (PHR), store and retrieve health progress over time for personal analysis, and share this data with a member physician from our proprietary network of on-demand doctors using our Telehealth feature. CSI Platform Architecture is deployed in an Enterprise Cloud with three (3) Platforms and eight (8) modules to ramp up with demand.

CSI hold four Patents (with seven Patents pending) for its Health Resource System, including a Patent for the revolutionary automated non-invasive methodology for taking blood pressure with unparalleled accuracy, the ADA wheelchair accessible seat with seated weight measurement, and the Patent for Telehealth/Telemedicine, which is the most important Patent for health services and information systems using a controller with logic to perform, process and store measurements acquired from a user.