Management Team

Charles P. Bluth
President and CEO
Kathleen O’Connell       
Director, Advertising & Product Branding
Ken Dobbs
Vice President, Manufacturing Operations
Dawn Hayes
Corporate Account Manager
Brooke Westlake
Vice President, Sales
Barry Stutler
Vice President, Systems Integration
Susan Scoggin                 
Vice President,  Accounting
Chris Munz
I.T. Manager

Rob Montanaro
I.T. Mechanical

Consulting Physicians

Dennis J. Sheehan
M.D., Cardiology, Internal Medicine
Robert I. Kramer
M.D., Cardiology, Internal Medicine
Gene E. Myers
M.D., Cardiology, Internal Medicine
Alfredo J. Bayardo
M.D., Family Medicine
Stephen Coyle, M.D.
Family Medicine
Ian L. O. Buxton
Professor, UNR School of Medicine,
Dept. of Pharmacology ;
Principal, Aptus Consulting