Pharmacy and Retail

In 1978 CSI established the first medical testing equipment and blood pressure kiosks found in the retail setting. CSI’s innovative Health System Kiosks and biometric screening tools maximize pharmacy services.

CSI can now connect its corporate accounts to the retailer through the CSI Health System. Our integrated Health System Kiosks are not only an alternative to costly on-site clinics, but also a vehicle to help drive customers (employees and their families) into the retail store to pick up prescriptions, medication, and other items not necessarily needed or thought of before entering the store. Placed in retail settings, CSI’s Health System Kiosks quickly become a recognized consumer destination.

CSI’s Virtual eClinic Health System Kiosk can also assist Pharmacists with invasive tests (Diabetes, Glucose, A1c Diabetes, INR Coumadin) as well as MTM and MNT consultations in order to diagnose and treat health conditions and maintain customer loyalty.

CSI’s Health System Kiosks feature include a Patented ADA wheelchair accessible seat and seated weight measurement as well as CSI’s Patented revolutionary automated non-invasive methodology for taking blood pressure with unparalleled accuracy. 

With five levels of security (16-digit Mag Card, 5-digit PIN, signature, thumbprint, and photo identification), CSI Health Systems can provide the retail market with solutions for all of their customer’s needs.