Who’s Talking about CSI


Touch the Future Today—Microsoft at HIMSS 2009

“I’m back in Seattle from the windy (and somewhat sleety) city.  Now that I’ve had a reasonable night’s sleep, I’ll share some perspectives on the HIMMSS 2009 conference in Chicago.  Of course I’m around this technology all the time, so it takes something special to really capture my imagination.  Such was the case, when I stumbled upon a rather tiny exhibit in the far corner of the South exhibit hall.  The vendor was CSI and their solution is an industrial-strength health kiosk called the CSI Health Resource System Medical Kiosk.

The kiosk provides 12 non-invasive testing devices, captures the patient’s complete medical history and history of present illness, medications, allergies, etc.  It provides a rich array of patient education resources.  Future plans include being able to dispense blister packs of medications from the kiosk at the conclusion of the patient visit.  Right now, the target market for CSI is primarily corporate employee health services, retail outlets, and rural health settings.

The company is also considering kiosk placement in airports and possibly hotels. I can certainly envision a huge opportunity for meeting the health needs of remote or rural populations in developing countries.”  [Source]