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Touch the Future Today—Microsoft at HIMSS

“I’m back in Seattle, and now that I’ve had a reasonable night’s sleep, I’ll share some perspectives on the HIMMSS conference. Of course, I’m around this technology all the time, so it takes something special to really capture my imagination.

Such was the case, when I stumbled upon a rather tiny exhibit in the far corner of the South exhibit hall. The vendor was CSI and their solution is an industrial-strength Health System Kiosk called the Model 9K Health System Kiosk.

The kiosk provides 12 non-invasive testing devices, captures the patient’s complete medical history and history of present illness, medications, allergies, etc. It also provides a rich array of patient education resources, and future plans include the ability to dispense blister packs of medications from the Kiosk at the conclusion of the patient visit. Currently the target market for CSI is corporate employee and Retail Pharmacy health services, urgent care facilities, assisted living, correctional facilities, remote worksites, behavioral health, medical offices, the trucking industry, and rural health settings.

The company is also in the process of Kiosk placement in airports, hotels, fitness facilities, and shopping malls. I can certainly envision a huge opportunity for meeting the health needs of remote or rural populations in developing countries, and I look forward to following CSI to see what they develop next!

– Bill Crounse, MD Senior Director, Worldwide Health Microsoft Corporation

On Saving Lives

“Our 3K model is an invaluable educational, state of the art tool. At least weekly we find a patron whose medication protocol has ceased working, or have learned that the monitoring has uncovered unfavorable interaction with other medications.”

– Director of a Navy Wellness Center, Florida

“A member of staff had a reading 167/92 and 163/102 with a resting heart rate 100. The individual was admitted to ER and given intense treatment. The MD later reported the patient would have had a stroke within 10 days if not treated.”

– Army National Guard

A long time employee of State Farm Insurance in New Albany, Ohio had been routinely checking her blood pressure on the CSI 3000 that had been installed just down the hall from her office. In mid-June she started to notice the machine was “acting funny” and giving her very low readings or would sometimes give her no readings at all. She called CSI and requested the machine be serviced and calibrated then went to the Occupational Health Nurse on staff for her routine blood pressure screening. After several readings from the nurse, an ambulance was called and the State Farm employee was rushed to the ER for severe hypertension. The following day a CSI Service Technician visited State Farm to perform the requested service but found the kiosk to be in top working order. The Service Technician was notified by the employee’s supervisor of the previous day’s event and how the CSI 3000 kiosk had saved her life. Today the State Farm employee is doing very well, on proper medication and under a doctor’s care. She is quoted as saying “This machine is a God-send and saved my life!”

– Christina Nejabat, Service Department, Computerized Screening

On Blood Pressure Monitor Accuracy

“It is clear, the CSI 6K instrument measures blood pressure accurately based on the comparisons to the ausculatory method as prescribed by ANSI/AAMI SP 10 standards. Moreover, the CSI 6K is precise because we found measurements to be repeatable.”

– Professor of Pharmacology Dr. Iain L.O. Buxton at the University of Nevada School of Medicine

“It’s working great!! We have a lot of employees using it. In the short time we have had it the machine has been used around 3000 times. It has even helped discover some employees’ high blood pressure. They are now on medication. We are very happy with the machine.”

– Matt Whalbring, Wellness Coordinator, With Indian Live! Casino

On Health Cost Savings

“My Blood Pressure was high on the machine at work so, I scheduled an appointment with the onsite nurse for confirmation and advised to see my doctor. It is a prevention tool for me and a cost-saver for the company-saving on sick leave and possibly the cost of a heart attack.”

– Bob Hummer, Compensation Manager, National Geographic Society

“Insurance premiums and absenteeism by workers set businesses back $15 billion dollars a year….”

– Center for Disease Control

“Employers can significantly reduce these figures. For an organization, advocating ‘wellness’ and healthy lifestyles is a common-sense approach to mitigating the compounding impact of poor health. Health cost is the end result of a health profile. A corporate wellness strategy focusing on prevention and raising awareness offers cost avoidance opportunity, one case at a time.”

– Mok Lan Ho, Director of Benefits of the Total Compensation Group at Scotiabank

On Service

I just wanted to say what a wonderful job Doug Nadler does and he is very understanding. Our security is so tight here it is hard to get in. I was in a meeting when he arrived and security didn’t think to call me on the radio I carry. Poor Doug waited out in the hot 90+ weather for an hour or more waiting for me to get him in. He so understood about it and I felt terrible. Kudos to your service department great customer service. Thank you!

– Kathy Harty RN, COHN-S, Intrinsic Health Coach, MassMutual Financial Group


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