CSI Forms Partnership with Doctor On Demand CSI to offer Telemedicine/Telehealth on its CSI Virtual eClinic Health Systems Nationwide

RENO, Nevada – August 10, 2015 – Privately owned Telehealth/Telemedicine and medical kiosk manufacturer, Computerized Screening, Inc. (CSI), has formed a partnership with Doctor On Demand to offer Telemedicine/Telehealth connectivity on its CSI Virtual eClinic Health Systems nationwide.

CSI’s President/CEO, Charles Bluth, stated the company has worked for the past eight years to secure a Physician Call Service that understands the marketplace and offers three critical key elements … (1) A true “Doctor On Demand” protocol, (2) Virtual Video Conferencing, and (3) High Quality Physicians who understand the demands of Telemedicine/Telehealth consultations.  Charles Bluth went on to state that “After eight years, we have finally found a company that truly understands the needs of the consumers and offers the three critical key elements that were needed.  In addition, Doctor On Demand does not charge a monthly fee to corporations for their employees but only charges a $40 Consultation Fee.”

Combining the services of CSI and Doctor On Demand will provide the consumer a complete health care program, which previously has not been available.

Doctor On Demand co-founder and CEO, Adam Jackson, commented about the partnership, “At Doctor On Demand, our mission is to fix the access problem to high quality, affordable health care.  We solve this problem by connecting patients via Video Visit with our own board certified doctors.  Partnering with the market leader and pioneer in medical kiosks allows us to serve even more patients and do so with better and more accurate medical diagnostic information in real time.”

CSI has been at the forefront of Telemedicine/Telehealth since 2000 when awarded its Patents and since that time has been instrumental in developing new Health Systems equipment, components, and services to its product line and programs as new technology emerges.

About Computerized Screening, Inc. (CSI)

Computerized Screening, Inc. is a privately held health care technology, medical device and information company  manufacturing medical kiosks in the U.S. since 1978 that dramatically decrease health care costs by providing ease-of-use access to self-administered health and fitness testing with convenient access through Telehealth to health monitoring, assessment tools, early symptom detection, and information for disease prevention.  CSI’s technology offers innovative Telehealth solutions that include the availability to establish a Personal health Record with storage and retrieval of health information and progress over time for personal analysis and discussion with a physician.  CSI serves as an innovative solutions company that builds aggregates and delivers custom programs and services through problem/solution comprehension, health care expertise, customization, and open architecture. CSI is headquartered in Reno, Nevada. For more information, please visit

About Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand provides Video Visits with Board Certified Physicians, Psychologists, and Lactation Consultants via smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Patients simply download the Doctor On Demand app or visit, provide a list of their symptoms, and are instantly connected for a Video Visit. Doctor On Demand delivers services through employers, health systems, health plans, and directly to consumers. Through these partnerships, more than 25 million Americans have              in-network or subsidized access to Doctor on Demand.  The company’s unique, No Subscription (PEPM) Fee business model allows employers and health plans to use Doctor On Demand to substantially reduce their health care costs. Consumers rate Doctor On Demand as the best telemedicine provider. The company has more 5 star App Store reviews than every other telemedicine app combined. 87% of patients love Doctor On Demand so much they have recommended it to their family and friends. Entrepreneurs Dr. Phil McGraw, Jay McGraw and Adam Jackson founded the company in 2012 to provide fast, easy, and cost-effective access to high quality medical and behavioral health care. To learn more, please visit