By 2014 every American will be required to have a Personal Health Record (PHR). This has driven CSI to manufacture the only medical kiosk of its kind, equipped with a personal health record system that interacts seamlessly with the medical profession.

The federal government estimates that it will deliver well over $25 million in incentive payments during the next 10 years to physicians nationwide. The payments are meant to ensure the adoption of personal health records / electronic medical records in the U.S.  Although physicians today may still use paper records, the new federal push toward the implementation of electronic health records is rapidly changing the medical landscape. Physicians must meet federal requirements within the next 5 years or be subject to significant penalties.

What does this mean?

The personal health record could save lives. By relying on paper records, an emergency away from home could result in a fatal outcome. If a clinic or hospital cannot connect with a patient’s up-to-date health history, decisions may be compromised or delayed. The personal health record system provides instant, web-based access to detailed health history, can reduce errors in billing, provide insight to prescription interactions and ultimately, contribute to accurate diagnosis. Personal health record management puts an end to unnecessary testing, speeds up diagnosis, saves money, precious time and lives. Individuals who maintain a personal health record system are better informed and more engaged in their own healthcare.

Instant web-based access to a patient’s current and complete health information allows physicians to focus on immediate issues and treatment rather than waiting for potentially incomplete records, or administering unnecessary, expensive tests. Physicians are able to focus on attentive and accurate patient care easily and efficiently via the CSI secure web based physician portal … Saving time, money and potentially … lives.

CSI’s Medical Kiosk Creates Personal Health Records

CSI’s newest automated health station, the 9K Health Resource System Medical Kiosk, features a secure, HIPAA compliant personal health record management platform that enables individuals to create their own personal health record. This record is used by doctors to provide improved treatment, quality and accuracy.  The personal health record system allows for secure storage, management and sharing of lifelong personal health information electronically — when, where and with whom is determined by the owner of the Personal Health Record. Individuals who compile and organize their medical history in a personal health record system are able to track and manage health conditions, and to provide a relevant picture of health history that can be shared with authorized care providers so that informed decisions can be made and health benefits maximized. 

A Personal health record provides a complete and accurate summary of an individual’s health and medical history, which will follow the individual for the rest of his or her life. Biometric assessment values captured at the health kiosk are mapped to the individual’s personal health record system and make it easy to track key health metrics over time.

The security and privacy of an individual’s personal health record is critical. The CSI 9Kmedical kiosk features secure user authentication and features up to 5 levels of security, including a 16-Digit Personal Account Number, 4-Digit PIN, Thumbprint, Photo ID, and Signature.

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