CSI Health Systems accelerate improvement in American workforce health and productivity, and produces a roadmap for new business models, revenue opportunities, wellness, ROI, and improved health status.

Health System Kiosks

HIPAA-compliant Health System Kiosks provide secure biometric monitoring, collection, and transfer of patient-reported information, screenings, history, and clinical data necessary to manage chronic diseases and to facilitate prevention and wellness. The CSI Health Systems embodies patented technology and a state-of-the-art data exchange for interoperability of health information and secure real-time data transfer from the Health System Kiosk to EMRs, health plans, employers, networks, providers, and claims managers.

Model 9KEX Virtual eClinic Health System
CSI 9KEX Front and Right Side
Model 9KE Health System
CSI 9KEX Front and Right Side
Model 9KBH Behavioral Health System
Model 9KBH Behavioral Health
Model 9K Basic with Data Capture
Model 9K Basic with Data Capture
Model 5K
Health System

Model 5K Health System

Mobile Wellness Clinic

Mobile Wellness Layout 1 Mobile Wellness Layout 2 Mobile Wellness Interior

CSI’s fleet of mobile wellness and clinical vehicles can be deployed to employer and retail sites for open enrollment, health related triage, special events, biometric gathering, sponsorships and promotional purposes, and mass dissemination of health risk data. Mobile health clinic vehicles are equipped with model 9K telemedicine kiosks that perform biometric capture, create HIPAA compliant personal health records,  and allow for a physician consultation. CSI mobile health clinics can be customized to the preference of a client on a longer term engagement. CSI can staff third party administrators and certified clinicians (RNs, NPs, PAs) to oversee onsite enrollment and screenings.