CSI makes access to quality healthcare convenient and cost effective. Individuals can create their own secure personal health record, monitor their blood pressure and weight, and have on-demand, real-time access to a physician in a private setting.

The CSI 9KEX Virtual eClinic Health System Kiosk

The 9KEX Fully Enclosed Virtual eClinic is a telemedicine health station with 11 Patents issued and pending. The medical kiosk enclosure provides HIPAA security and privacy for clinically accurate blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, weight, and body temperature. An extended cabinet accommodates a patient and technician while performing screening services such as Cholesterol and Glucose, A1c Diabetes and INR Coumadin testing. This functional space also includes a Stethoscope, Otoscope, and Dermascope in a way that is ergonomic for the patient and technician. A health risk appraisal determines BMI. An electronic medical record (EMR) keeps personal health information secure, organized and readily accessible.

Powerful CSI technology offers a HIPAA-compliant (HL7) server side management platform that enables users to establish a Personal Health Record (PHR), store and retrieve health progress over time for personal analysis, and share this data with a member physician from our proprietary network of on-demand doctors using our Telehealth feature.

CSI 9KEX Virtual eClinic Kiosk


The 9KEX eClinic features a wide variety of user-friendly testing devices such as a patented blood pressure cuff, Cholestech LDX, digital thermometer, pulse oximeter, stethoscope, Otoscope and Dermatoscope, as well as future integration capabilities. It’s designed to synch with medical devices that generate data such as the cholesterol and glucose results. The 9KEX Health System Kiosk initially provides Interface ports for 12 non-invasive devices and can be expanded to 24 ports. CSI is continually adding new devices and interfaces which can be tailored to meet specific client device requirements and specifications.


In addition to the diagnostic capabilities, the 9KEX Health System provides a variety of authentication techniques (including biometrics) to ensure data privacy, security, and integrity. Security can include any combination of authentication including a 16-digit magnetic stripe card, 4-digit PIN, user name/password, thumbprint, photo ID, and signature. Any data captured at the medical kiosk including demographics, medical history, personal health information, and vital signs can be archived to any personal health record system and complies with HIPAA privacy rules and regulations.


The 9KEX Health System Kiosk is fully enclosed, ADA and HIPAA-Compliant, and provides completely private and discrete encounters. The Food & Drug Administration mandates that, if private health information or engagement with a medical professional is to occur from a device in a public place, a privacy measure is mandatory. CSI is the only solution provider to emphasize the use of privacy measures that are incorporated into a medical kiosk solution.

Personal Health Record (PHR)

CSI has an integrated Personal Health Record (PHR) System. The creation and adoption of a PHR is an important step toward controlling health and is an important initial milestone in employee adoption. Accessibility of equipment for daily, weekly, or monthly use brings health care to individuals rather than individuals to health care.  Secure transmittal of data for tests, referrals, and clinicians is essential, and EHR data can be created, managed, and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff across more than one healthcare organization. The information moves with the patient – to the specialist, the hospital, the nursing home, the next state, across the country, or even around the world.

Security of Personal Data

All information is maintained in a secure, SAS70 certified “hub” environment that meets or exceeds all applicable HIPAA standards for data security and privacy. The 9KEX Virtual eClinic Telemedicine Kiosk Platform is built on the Microsoft IIS web server, using the Microsoft.NET Framework for application development and Microsoft SQL Server for data storage. This architecture provides a robust, scalable, enterprise-class architecture for centralizing application development, web services (SOAP or XML over HTTPS), and deep integration with existing administrative and clinical systems. The result is the ability to leverage existing skill sets and applications within and beyond the client organization, to receive maximum functionality, value and return on investment.

Features and Options

  • Patented, touch screen activated, self-attended blood pressure and heart rate testing
  • Flash memory with DSP Chip (300 million Hz) using 3 methods (Sound, Pressure and Pattern Identification) driving blood pressure algorithms taking 40,000 to 60,000 heart sound impressions per test
  • HIPAA-compliant enclosure provides secure, private setting for discrete video consultations with physicians and health care providers
  • Health Risk Appraisal, based on the Framingham Study, and Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation
  • Knight-Ridder Health Video Library
  • Medline Plus (National Library of Medicine):
  • Health Topics
    • Drugs (Generic and Brand Name)
    • Herbs & Supplements
    • Videos & Cool Tips
    • Interactive Health Tutorials
    • Medical Dictionary
    • Health Check Tools: Quizzes, Calculators
    • Health News
    • Clinical Trials
  • English and Spanish language with connectivity for an additional 17 languages via an interpreter line.
  • Telehealth Feature with Doctor/Nurse Connectivity (3 Platforms and 8 Modules)
  • CSI Platform Architecture:
    • (1) CSI Control Platform
      • Management Interface Module
      • PHR Module
      • PHR Interface Module
      • Administrative/Reporting Module
      • Teleconference Module
      • Database Interface Module
      • Kiosk Control Module
      • EMR Interface Module
    • (2) Personal Health Record (PHR Platform
    • (3) Medical professional/Telehealth Platform
  • Patented Built-In Seat Weight Scale
  • Electronic Signature Pad
  • Keyboard with Trackball
  • Flatbed Scanner
  • Printer
  • Dial-Out Connection – Privacy Handset
  • Six Layers of Security:
    1. Mag Stripe Card Reader
    2. Photo ID Webcam
    3. Four Digit PIN
    4. Username/Password
    5. Secret Question/Answer
    6. Electronic Signature Pad
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Thermometer
  • A1C with Glucose
  • Cholestech Analyzer
  • PT/INR Coumadin
  • Alcohol Breathalyzer
  • Stethoscope
  • Otoscope
  • Dermatoscope
  • Barcode Reader
  • Website Link
  • VoIP Service
  • Outside TV Monitor
  • Custom Cabinet Branding
  • Internet Accessibility Modem
  • UPS Power Stabilizer
  • Custom Programming & Consulting
  • Certifications & Compliance

    RoHS Compliant (lead free)
    ANSI/AAMI SP10 Accuracy Validated
    Certified ISO 13485:2003 – Medical Device
    ISO 10993 Compliant
    HIPAA Compliant
    CS MDD 93/42/EEC
    BS EN 1041
    BS EN 980
    VA/GSA Contractor

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