CSI’s primary goal is to deliver health solutions that educate and encourage individuals to reduce personal health risks and improve overall health status, promote wellness programs, and deliver return on investment. We help individuals realize the underlying value of a program, gain access to science-based programs and tools, and obtain guidance to reach health goals using online education, self-administered tests, and self-managed tools specifically designed to your specifications.

The result of a successful program includes improved health, reduced health care costs, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, increased morale, and decreased workers compensation premiums.

Through Population Management, the organization and management of the healthcare delivery system, we provide the proactive application of strategies and interventions to defined groups of individuals across the continuum of care in an effort to improve the health of individuals within a group at the lowest possible cost.

We assess your organization’s health status by understanding your culture, your population, and your overriding health risks from a direct cost and productivity perspective. We then consult with you on programming, communication and incentive to create a solution configured to meet your organization’s unique needs.

By utilizing choice architecture to help positively influence decision-making as well as utilizing a framework for patient engagement that supports behavioral change, CSI provides the single most effective integrated solutions on the market today, which include:

  • CSI Virtual eClinics
  • Mobile Apps
  • Links to Member Resources
  • Reporting
  • Initiatives for Chronic Conditions
  • Access to Coaching, Providers, and Continuity of Care
  • Integrated Biometric Screenings
  • Health Education
  • Analytics