Since 1978 CSI has been trusted by over 5,000 corporations, medical facilities, and retail locations to provide over One Billion health screenings! CSI pioneered the use of the Electronic Medical Record and Telemedicine, and in 1996 CSI was the first company to move health information from a Kiosk through the Internet to The Cloud.

CSI delivers health solutions that educate and encourage individuals to reduce personal health risks and improve overall health status through biometric testing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at their place of work, where they shop, and where they receive medical services.

CSI will assess your organization’s health status by understanding your culture, your population, and overriding health risks from a direct cost and productivity perspective. We will consult with you on programming, communication, and incentive to create a health solution configured to meet your organization’s unique needs. We will also make certain any health solution provided will meet all Affordable Care Act requirements.

CSI provides the single most effective integrated solutions on the market today, which include:

  • CSI Virtual eClinics
  • Mobile Apps
  • Links to Member Resources
  • Reporting
  • Initiatives for Chronic Conditions
  • Access to Wellness Coaching, Providers, and Continuity of Care
  • Integrated Biometric Screenings
  • Health Education
  • Analytics
  • Contact Us.