Government & GSA Contracts

As a contracted vendor in the GSA and VA purchasing program, CSI Health Systems provide screenings and telemedicine for Government Health Programs. CSI was awarded the National Guard Bureau contract and has placed Health System Kiosks in 435 Army National Guard locations throughout the Nation’s 50 states and 12 Territories.

“In recognition of the crucial need for Soldier awareness of and responsibility for health and personal wellness, the Army National Guard has made a solid commitment to the health of their Soldiers and their communities through the Decade of Health Program”, said Lt. General Clyde A. Vaughn, “And we expect to see an increase in the health and well-being of our Soldiers through this program.”

CSI Health System Kiosks are available as part of the GSA / VA purchasing program, and a few of the benefits include:

  • Identifying individuals at risk before an incident occurs by regular monitoring of blood pressure, weight, A1c diabetes, glucose, INR coumadin levels, pulse oximetry, temperature, resting metabolic rate, and other important factors to maintain health.
  • Establishing personal history and a Personal Health Record (PHR) for electronic communication and/or printout.
  • Dial-out capability for scheduling appointments or consultations
  • A destination for wellness promotional events and program initiatives.
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