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The Pharmacist has become the first line of health care due to the ever-increasing cost of health insurance that has come with the Affordable Care Act. High deductibles and the inability for individuals to schedule an appointment with a primary physician on a timely basis have propelled CSI Virtual eClinic Health System Kiosks to the forefront of the market.

Pharmacy Program

CSI spent over 2,000 hours developing a complete Pharmacy Program with software platforms to integrate with Pharmacies and I.T. personnel to take complete control of the CSI Virtual Health System. This also provides Pharmacists with the tools necessary to schedule appointments, review overall health conditions, conduct consultation for Medication Therapy Management and Medical Nutrition Therapy, and to verify insurance eligibility and complete the billing process when needed.

CSI offers a tailor-made Pharmacy program, which includes a variety of free health screenings and reimbursable CLIA waived tests to help identify those who may be at risk for certain conditions. CSI’s unique provider health portal includes scheduling, patient enrollment, Electronic Medical Record generation, secure data transfer, eligibility verification, file sharing, and billing.

Advertising Program

Exclusive trade partner opportunities are available to insurance carriers, community hospitals, clinics, local universities, pharmaceutical companies, and others for sponsored digital and print advertising. The program combines the targeting and reporting benefits of in-store services and coupon capabilities to educate customers, increase merchandising opportunities, and to move product with efficient direct-to-patient marketing services.

Consumer Driven Business Model


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