Hundreds of thousands of travelers pass through U.S. airports each year, and until now, the traveling public was unable to obtain medical assistance at an airport. CSI’s Virtual eClinic Health System Kiosks now offer travelers and airport employees the opportunity to speak directly with a physician and receive needed medical attention at the touch of a button. The CSI Health System Kiosk can also assist airport employees with stress management and health problems that arise during working hours.

In addition, regulations require that pilots get at least 10 hours of rest between shifts. Eight of those hours must involve uninterrupted sleep. Pilots are now limited to flying eight or nine hours, depending on their start times. They must also have 30 consecutive hours of rest each week, a 25% increase over previous requirements. Pilots can take advantage of the CSI Health System to check their health status without spending valuable hours trying to see a doctor off site if they have a problem while traveling.

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