Hundreds of thousands of travelers pass through U.S. airports each year, and until now, the traveling public was unable to obtain medical assistance at an airport. CSI’s Virtual eClinic Health System Kiosks now offer travelers and airport employees the opportunity to speak directly with a physician and receive needed medical attention at the touch of a button. The CSI Health System Kiosk can also assist airport employees with stress management and health problems that arise during working hours.

In addition, regulations require that pilots get at least 10 hours of rest between shifts. Eight of those hours must involve uninterrupted sleep. Pilots are now limited to flying eight or nine hours, depending on their start times. They must also have 30 consecutive hours of rest each week, a 25% increase over previous requirements. Pilots can take advantage of the CSI Health System to check their health status without spending valuable hours trying to see a doctor off site if they have a problem while traveling.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living
There is currently a transformation occurring in long-term care. Assisted living communities are accepting higher and higher levels of care and nursing homes are becoming a place for those undergoing rehabilitation after a hospital stay or individuals who need extensive assistance.

The Assisted Living Federation of America reports that the average age of assisted living residents is 86.9 years of age, the majority of assisted living residents (76.6%) are widowed, and just over 12% of residents are still married or have a significant other.

CSI’s Health Systems can help residents and employees of assisted living facilities keep track of health conditions through Regular Testing, Medication Therapy Management, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Surveys, and Physician appointments via Telehealth vs. costly visits to a doctor’s office.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health
An estimated 26.2% of Americans (approximately one in four adults) age 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. This figure translates to over 57.7 million people, and even though mental disorders are widespread in the population, the main burden of illness is concentrated in a much smaller proportion (about 6 percent, or 1 in 17) who suffer from serious mental illness.

The CSI 9KBH Health System was specifically designed for the Behavioral Health Industry and helps behavioral health facilities meet all requirements of the Affordable Care Act by providing clinically accurate blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, weight, alcohol breathalyzer results, body temperature, and other necessary testing when needed. A health risk appraisal determines BMI, and Personal Health Record (PHR) / Electronic Medical Record (EMR) generation keeps personal health information secure, organized and readily accessible to physicians and clinicians at all times.

Corporate Health

The success of any company depends on its greatest asset, its human resources. When employees are healthy, their work performance and productivity function at consistently higher levels. The physical health and well-being of employees can be greatly aided by having wellness tools readily accessible at the work site.

CSI’s Patented Health System Kiosks encourage employees to actively take part in early detection and disease prevention and is the definitive tool to increase the overall health experience and a healthy employee base.

Benefits of an on-site CSI Health System Kiosk

• Treats primary and urgent care issues faster so an employee’s health doesn’t slide
• Reduced health care costs while offering additional benefits
• Employee productivity is maximized and absenteeism decreased
• Reduced referrals to and use of costly services from specialists
• Access to medical information portals and PHRs and EMRs
• Wellness Benefits available to employees on first day of employment
• Enhanced benefit options support employee recruitment and retention
• Long wait times for medical appointments can be eliminated

Empower your employees to

• CREATE a Personal Health Record
• MONITOR health progress over time
• LEARN with educational videos and health information portals
• MOVE from reactive to preventative health care management
• EARN rewards for healthy behavior through incentive programs
• STAY AT WORK by consulting with a physician at the CSI Health System Kiosk
• SAVE MONEY by eliminating expensive co-pay and deductible costs

Correctional Facilities

Millions of dollars every year is spent transporting inmates to off-site medical facilities, and a major problem within prisons and jails is the movement of inmates to the on-site clinic from one pod area to another.

CSI Health System Kiosks provide medical assistance within a pod were inmates are housed. The inmate can be remotely connected to the on-site clinic through the Health System Kiosk in order to make a determination if the inmate needs to be transported to the on-site clinic, if medication needs to be delivered to the inmate, or if the inmate absolutely needs to be transported to an off-site emergency room or hospital facility for treatment or to see a specialist.

CSI Health System Kiosks help maintain security, improve the delivery of medical care to inmates, and reduces medical costs.

Health & Fitness Clubs

CSI Health System Kiosks are the foundation for a client/member loyalty program that will guarantee an increase in health club member retention as well as increased member visits and increased revenue per member opportunities.

Regular amenity upgrades furthers a club’s strength and results in increased membership renewals, and the added-value provided to club members by offering health care kiosks can often be the differentiating factor that converts prospects into paying members.

CSI Health System Kiosks provide a solution! Loyalty, membership retention, ancillary sales opportunities, initial health screening of prospective members, identification of prospective members’ risk factors, tracking by individual members of their health readings, ability to evaluate health parameters of overall membership base, clinically unequaled accurate blood pressure measurement, seated weight measurement, and membership survey feedback are just a few examples!

Medical Facilities

CSI’s Patented Health System Kiosks are designed to meet the needs of the patient, hospital staff and clinicians. Health System Kiosks also improve ER processes with implications for patient flow, privacy and education as well as quickly identifying patients in critical condition (estimated at 32% of total ER visits).

Health care costs are escalating and continue to be an issue of great concern for many health care providers; however, cost containment can be achieved with the CSI Health System Kiosk.

Sixty four percent of the 120 million annual ER visits require basic medical services and are non-emergencies. It is estimated there will be a shortage of 140,000 physicians by 2025, and studies show 70% of doctor visits are merely informational and/or for prescriptions only. In addition, 56 million Americans live in rural areas with inadequate access to primary care.

CSI Health System Kiosks collect patient data and administrative detail in one place, freeing up valuable staff time formerly lost in processing repetitive paperwork. A triage nurse’s time and professional skills can be spent more effectively on accessing a patient’s condition and determining that patient’s priority for treatment and efficient routing of non-emergency patients (68% of patients entering the ER annually), which translates into substantial cost savings for an emergency department.

Pharmacy and Retail

In 1978 CSI established the first medical testing equipment and blood pressure kiosks found in the retail setting. Today CSI can connect its corporate accounts to the retailer through the CSI Virtual eClinic Health System, which are not only an alternative to costly on-site clinics, but also a vehicle to help drive customers (employees and their families) into the retail store to pick up prescriptions, medication, and other items not necessarily needed or thought of before entering the store.

CSI’s Virtual eClinic Health System Kiosk can also assist Pharmacists with invasive tests (Cholesterol, Diabetes, and Coumadin) as well as MTM and MNT consultations in order to diagnose and treat health conditions and maintain customer loyalty. Placed in retail settings, CSI’s Health System Kiosks quickly become a recognized consumer destination and CSI’s biometric screening tools maximize pharmacy services.

With five levels of security (16-digit Mag Card, 5-digit PIN, signature, thumbprint, and photo identification), CSI Health Systems can provide the retail market with solutions to meet all of their customer’s needs.

Remote Worksites

Computerized Screening, Inc. has developed a comprehensive and secure HIPAA-compliant Remote Health Monitoring System to capture, transmit and distribute vital health data to health care providers at the touch of a button.

Employees who work in remote areas and are predisposed to illness may need monitoring of their health on a regular basis. Until now, monitoring of a serious health condition could only be accomplished by prearranged visits from a doctor, or by traveling to the nearest regional hospital for a check-up.

The CSI 9K Remote Health Monitoring System tracks an individual’s blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oxygen, temperature, and other health information 24/7, and CSI’s Model 9KEX Virtual eClinic Health System, can add additional valuable biometric testing for Diabetes, Coumadin, and Glucose levels.

Rural Health

24040130_l  Rural Bridge
Approximately 60 million Americans, or one-fifth of the U.S. population, reside in rural areas. Compared to their urban counterparts, persons residing in rural areas have lower incomes and specific health disparities. In addition, rural areas experience primary care physician shortages and a high prevalence of metabolic syndromes such as Diabetes, tobacco and alcohol abuse, higher rates of obesity, and physical inactivity, which all result in decreased life expectancy.

CSI’s state-of-the-art Remote Health Monitoring System Kiosks feature clinically accurate blood pressure, heart rate, and weight readings, provides for Telemedicine consultations, and supports implementation of Personal Health Records (PHRs) / Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) that keeps information and medical history secure, organized, and readily-accessible to health care providers … at the touch of a button … when care is needed.

Schools and Universities

CSI has teamed with Schools and Universities country-wide in an effort to promote student health through fitness testing and tracking. CS’s Health System Kiosks monitor blood pressure, weight, body oxygen, body mass index, and other important health metrics over time, and feature education portals promoting wellness and prevention.

CSI is currently conducting studies using advanced aggregate reporting functions performed by our Health System Kiosks that will provide valuable information from testing, with the hope of identifying health problems of young adults at an early stage.

In addition, CSI has partnered with the University of Texas for health services to be provided to employees and staff with 35 CSI Health System Kiosks installed at various locations throughout the state of Texas. With the continuing rise in health care costs, identifying health conditions and controlling health conditions during the early adult years will contribute to a reduction of national health care costs and will increase the wellness of our population beginning at a young age.

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls are often like large cities with people from different walks of life in an environment where health issues can appear rapidly, and until now the traveling public was unable to obtain medical assistance while shopping.

The CSI Virtual eClinic Health System Kiosk provides shoppers and mall employees the opportunity to speak directly with a physician and receive medical attention at the touch of a button within a secure setting. The Health System can take the place of a traditional clinic and can be either free standing or have a medical assistant to help individuals on demand.

Trucking and Transportation

Trucking and Transportation
Truckers have been referred to as the ‘backbone’ of our Country by delivering food, supplies, and over 90% of the goods we use as consumers. Quite often truckers must drive on even when they are not feeling well or are managing a chronic health condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, and the long hours worked by the nearly 3 million long-haul truckers in the United States makes it very difficult to schedule or keep medical appointments so many drivers end up ignoring their symptoms.

The Affordable Care Act requires CMV drivers in interstate commerce to use MEs listed on the National Registry to obtain a DOT certificate, and Medical Certificates issued prior to May 21, 2014 are valid until the expiration date. The DOT is mandating that drivers become DOT certified by a DOT-certified Medical Examiner, and DOT Medical Certified Doctors must fill out the paperwork for drivers and go through all rules and regulations thoroughly with the drivers.

CSI has formed a partnership for CSI Virtual eClinic Health Systems to be placed on location at truck stops throughout the United States. A Medical Assistant will be available to help drivers perform necessary testing to meet DOT licensing regulations, and through Telehealth, drivers will be connected with physicians in order to provide a prescription, if necessary, which can be delivered to a driver at the truck stop.

CSI not only serves our nation’s truck drivers, but also the entire transportation industry as well as highway travelers by making medical services easily available through our Virtual eClinic Health System Kiosks and helps individuals manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and weight issues through self-testing and provides health risk assessments as well as informative, educational videos pertaining to health issues.

Government – GSA and VA Contracts

Government GSA & VA Contracts
As a contracted vendor in the GSA and VA purchasing program, CSI Health Systems provide screenings and telemedicine for Government Health Programs. CSI was awarded the National Guard Bureau contract and has placed Health System Kiosks in 435 Army National Guard locations throughout the Nation’s 50 states and 12 Territories.

“In recognition of the crucial need for Soldier awareness of and responsibility for health and personal wellness, the Army National Guard has made a solid commitment to the health of their Soldiers and their communities through the Decade of Health Program”, said Lt. General Clyde A. Vaughn, “And we expect to see an increase in the health and well-being of our Soldiers through this program.”

CSI Health System Kiosks are available as part of the GSA / VA purchasing program, and a few of the benefits include:

• Identifying individuals at risk before an incident occurs by regular monitoring of blood pressure, weight, Diabetes, Glucose, Coumadin levels, pulse oximetry, temperature, resting metabolic rate, and other important factors to maintain health.
• Establishing personal history and a Personal Health Record (PHR) for electronic communication and/or printout.
• Dial-out capability for scheduling appointments or consultations
• A destination for wellness promotional events and program initiatives.

Affordable Care Act Essentials

For the last 50 years, Americans have faced challenges in navigating a health care system in which patients and caregivers have not always come first. Doctors were encouraged to focus on the amount of care they delivered, rather than how effectively they treated a patient’s big-picture health. Our nation spent more on health care per person than any other and costs were on the rise. And despite being home to some of the best medical schools in the world, and the leader in health research and discoveries, our people often had worse health outcomes.

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we took one of the most important steps toward a more accessible, affordable, and higher quality health care system in almost 50 years. In fact, since it became law, about 17.6 million uninsured people have gained coverage—the largest reduction in the uninsured in decades. This is a historic start, but there is more work to do.
Using the ACA’s new tools, we have an opportunity to seize this historic moment to transform our health care system into one that works better for the American people. We have a vision of a system that delivers better care, spends our dollars in a smarter way, and puts patients in the center of their care to keep them healthy. With new tools, we are increasingly trying to meet patients and their families where they are and make getting care more convenient for them.
CSI’s Health Systems help employers and retailers meet all Affordable Care Act requirements and provides access to care for individuals where they need it … when they need it!

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