Medical Facilities

CSI’s Patented Health System Kiosks are designed to meet the needs of the patient, hospital staff and clinicians. Health System Kiosks also improve ER processes with implications for patient flow, privacy and education as well as quickly identifying patients in critical condition (estimated at 32% of total ER visits).

Health care costs are escalating and continue to be an issue of great concern for many health care providers; however, cost containment can be achieved with the CSI Health System Kiosk.

Sixty four percent of the 120 million annual ER visits require basic medical services and are non-emergencies. It is estimated there will be a shortage of 140,000 physicians by 2025, and studies show 70% of doctor visits are merely informational and/or for prescriptions only. In addition, 56 million Americans live in rural areas with inadequate access to primary care.

CSI Health System Kiosks collect patient data and administrative detail in one place, freeing up valuable staff time formerly lost in processing repetitive paperwork. A triage nurse’s time and professional skills can be spent more effectively on accessing a patient’s condition and determining that patient’s priority for treatment and efficient routing of non-emergency patients (68% of patients entering the ER annually), which translates into substantial cost savings for an emergency department.

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