Physician’s Office

CSI is the innovator in bringing efficiency and cost savings to the physician office environment. Our self-service patient kiosks offer self-administered biometric screening, modules for registration, medical history and personal health record management, and health education for an unparalleled opportunity to involve your patient more in their care. And at the same time your most precious resource, nurse professionals, can be used more appropriately in patient care.

Dr. Gene Myers, Founder of AutomedicWorks, states: “The CSI Health Care Kiosk is everything we had hoped it would be for both our staff and patients. In addition, the reception of the equipment from our patients has been excellent. We have found that the health station has made a drastic impact on our costs, and we estimate 25% of nursing staff per doctor has been saved, which has amounted to a savings of two full time nurses in our facility.”

“We have five Cardiologists in our group, and we have one of the only free standing CAT LABS in South Florida. With new patients, the savings has been substantial, and the information we are now able to gather provides us with extensive medical history not previously collected because of the overwhelming amount of time it took to gather the information. With the CSI Health Care Kiosk gathering all patient information and conducting all non-invasive testing, the reduction in workload has been measurable.” 

“Additionally, we were one of the first medical groups five years ago to move toward a fully electronic system, and working with CSI’s IT personnel and being provided with information over a wireless network has made the entire process seamless. By combining the CSI Health Care Kiosk with our Electronic Medical Records into one complete system, we estimate our savings of nursing and staff time has been in excess of $100,000 per year.”

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