Schools and Universities

CSI has teamed with Schools and Universities country-wide in an effort to promote student health through fitness testing and tracking. CS’s Health System Kiosks monitor blood pressure, weight, body oxygen, body mass index, and other important health metrics over time, and feature education portals promoting wellness and prevention.

CSI is currently conducting studies using advanced aggregate reporting functions performed by our Health System Kiosks that will provide valuable information from testing, with the hope of identifying health problems of young adults at an early stage.

In addition, CSI has partnered with the University of Texas for health services to be provided to employees and staff with 35 CSI Health System Kiosks installed at various locations throughout the state of Texas. With the continuing rise in health care costs, identifying health conditions and controlling health conditions during the early adult years will contribute to a reduction of national health care costs and will increase the wellness of our population beginning at a young age.

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