Efficient, effective and reliable Remote Health Monitoring Systems are a necessity in medicine, and solutions are now available.

Computerized Screening, Inc. has developed a comprehensive and secure, HIPAA-compliant Remote Health Monitoring System to capture, transmit and distribute vital health data to health care providers at the touch of a button.

CSI’s web-enabled 9K Medical Health System Kiosks monitor not only employees at remote work sites, but also patients with chronic or long-term illnesses such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. CSI’s leading edge technology can acquire vital information about employees who work far away from medical support, and can alert medical staff if there is a dangerous change in an employee’s health

“Employees who work in remote areas and are predisposed to illness may need monitoring of their health on a regular basis. Until now, monitoring of a serious health condition could only be accomplished by prearranged visits from a doctor, or by traveling to the nearest regional hospital for a check-up”, says CSI’s President and CEO, Charles Bluth.

The CSI 9K Remote Health Monitoring System tracks and individual’s blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oxygen, temperature, and other health information 24/7, and CSI’s newest equipment, the Model 9KEX Virtual eClinic, can add additional valuable biometric testing for A1c Diabetes, INR Coumadin, and Glucose levels.